You, as an engineer, should not use wordpress, here is why.

You, as an engineer, should not use wordpress, here is why.
  • Jalal Uddin
  • 02 June, 2020

You, as an engineer, should not use wordpress, here is why.

What is WordPress?

It was originally invented as a blogging content management system, which is the and bloggers used to create accounts and write blogs. By the course of time, due to the 3rd party interference in the development of themes and plugins, it is nowadays greatly renowned as a website builder, as It has become very popular among newbie developer, who decides to make a career in the development of websites. 

What are the pros of WordPress development?

The first and very popular pro of this CMS is that it requires less knowledge of mark-up languages or programming languages. That is why, by the course of time, it has achieved a huge number of users or fonders. And with some awesome plugins like visual builders, any buddy now can create a website visually, by drag and drop ease-of-access.

Then, why we should not develop a WordPress website?

In a single line, if wordpress has 100 pros, it has 101 cons [1]. The first con among them is, you will achieve no skill in the field of web development. As you are an Engineer, your first priority should always be to acquire knowledge and gather skills. As an engineer, developing websites using wordpress should not be your target, rather developing something like wordpress should be your target. 

Speaking about the production market, I have more than 5 years of experience in web development for the market, what clients want for their system/service is always a variable, and you can never complete them by using plugins after plugins in wordpress. Take an example:

Your client demands 5 features, which are available in 5 different plugins, and each of those plugins has 10 different features including the required one and minimum 2 are common of all 5 plugins. Eventually, your website will end up like a junky load with 40-45 features but only 5 to use, and rest 40 features takes up space and memory and may affect performance. 

Another disadvantage you will face is the security issue. Indeed wordpress theme and plugin are openly available on the internet. If you keep a watcher on exploit-db, you will see, daily there are vulnerable exploits are coming for some wordpress theme or plugin. Many premium themes and plugin are so-called nulled and giving away free to the users to grab and eventually those are the injector of your service destruction [2]

Speaking about SEO, wordpress was never better for SEO due to the unplanned plugin and theme management without some plugins like Yoast SEO. And scalability was never an option for wordpress CMS. It was originally created to create and manage blog service for you, not to provide e-commerce service, you have to bear it in your mind. 

When should you use wordpress?

These are some top cons of taking wordpress as a career for web development. But indeed you are motivated to use wordpress for such cases like, if your career is something else, but you need to create your personal blog in quick time, you are highly welcomed to use wordpress CMS. Besides, if you are web developer but your client knows only wordpress and he is telling you about some feature which he has seen in wordpress that he wants from you, to understand his requirement, you may try wordpress in your free time to have the knowledge of wordpress. Ultimately, knowledge is power, and power is power. 

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